[Bioc-devel] Build error message false alarm: Please ignore last night's (2008-02-11) BioC 2.1 package build error e-mail messages

lgautier at altern.org lgautier at altern.org
Wed Feb 13 09:23:35 CET 2008

> The BioConductor build team is taking steps to prevent this type of
> build failure from happening again. Please accept our apologies for any
> inconvenience the e-mail notification has caused you.

Don't worry, it is understood that the automated e-mail notification
associated with the build system is relatively new... and the benefit of
having it exceeds that kind of possible minor inconvenience (IMHO).

Since we are about it, I could not find an entry about that automated
mailing (frequency, features) on the bioconductor site ? (on the wiki
presumably, since information for developpers is there). Did I miss it ?


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