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Diego Diez diez at kuicr.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Mon Oct 29 06:02:37 CET 2007

Hello All,

just come to this thread and I would like to share my opinion. I  
usually don't log any changes to the svn log for several reason,  
mainly have to do with bad practices (I've been doing it into a  
separate file in inst/doc). I was planing to change to the svn way  
for the next devel/release cycle though. I would like to have some  
flexibility for the log so I prefer adding a specific character at  
the beginning of each line in order to identify them. I don't like  
too much putting something as long as INTERNAL but if a suitable  
character like # can be safely used I'll definitely adhere to this  
policy. As a side comment it may be interesting to add the character  
to the lines that are usually going to be less common. What do you  
think use to take more space/lines in your commit logs? User focused  
comments or detailed developer focused changes? If developer focused  
changes use to be longer in description it might make more sense to  
add the character just to the blogged lines. That will have the  
additional effect of no blogging by default that may be a good thing  
(as Marc pointed out).



On Oct 27, 2007, at 5:10 AM, James W. MacDonald wrote:

> Marc Carlson wrote:
>> Not a problem Jim,
>> I was really just trying to get out of hitting shift-3 a few thousand
>> more times.  We obviously have to go with what most people want.   
>> I just
>> wanted to put my two cents in.
> Maybe I haven't been very clear. Consider the following as a commit  
> message:
> This part of the commit message will be posted. Regardless of the  
> number
> of sentences or apparent number of lines.
> #This part of the commit message will not be posted. Even though there
> appears to be several lines here, the Python code only sees one.
> Therefore a single # at the beginning of the paragraph will cause this
> whole paragraph to be scrubbed, regardless of the length. Thus, until
> you have made a few thousand commits you will really not be hitting
> shift-3 that often...
> But if you add a newline, the next bit will be posted.
> #Unless you comment that part out as well.
> Jim
>>     Marc
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