[Bioc-devel] All Package Maintainers Please README!

Marc Carlson mcarlson at fhcrc.org
Fri Oct 26 21:18:53 CEST 2007

James W. MacDonald wrote:
> Marc Carlson wrote:
>> You have a point Jim, but I think that we also have to consider how this
>> blog will change what we put into our commit messages.  Prior to this, I
>> have primarily used the 1st line as a "title" and then followed up with
>> a more detailed description.  But the existence of this blog means that
>> I will lean towards putting more information in the 1st section (rather
>> than just a title), and just shift any private information into the
>> second part.
>> I am really just suggesting that a standardized format separated by a
>> clean line break would be the least amount of typing by everyone
>> involved.  I like this because at least at the fhcrc we are already
>> using this format, so it's very similar and the format seems to work
>> pretty well.
> Yes, there are two of you at the Hutch who do this (now that Seth is
> gone), and I think you both do a wonderful job of describing your
> commits.
> However, none of the other developers do this, so your argument boils
> down to expecting all of the other developers to take up this paradigm
> rather than asking you to add a _single_ # to the beginning of a
> paragraph in your commit message that you don't want published.
> If BioC had a BDFL maybe he or she could decree such a thing, but as
> things stand I highly doubt we could coerce all the developers to
> follow your paradigm.
> Best,
> Jim
>> This won't change the fact that most people will still just type one
>> cryptic line for most commits.  But at least those of use who want to
>> put more personal data in there (purely for the sake of our personal
>> recollection) will not be penalized by having to type lots of comment
>> characters.
>> Of course, I would also like to still have a title for my commits, so
>> perhaps we should really have 3 sections?  A title, a public
>> description, and then a private section which could all be separated by
>> two line breaks?
>>     Marc
Not a problem Jim, 

I was really just trying to get out of hitting shift-3 a few thousand
more times.  We obviously have to go with what most people want.  I just
wanted to put my two cents in.


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