[Bioc-devel] genefilter package update?

Paul Gordon gordonp at ucalgary.ca
Sun Oct 7 19:29:02 CEST 2007

Hi all,

Not sure exactly who is maintaining genefilter (the info page lists a 
group), so I thought I'd post here.  The genefilter package (version 
compiles fine under Solaris using the default Sun compiler, but if you 
actually try to use it you get a nasty error:

 ld.so.1: R: fatal: relocation error: file 
symbol __1cDstdJbad_allocG__vtbl_: referenced symbol not found

This is because under Solaris libCrun.so needs to explicitly linked for 
the C++ code in genefilter's src directory.  I got around this by creating
a GNU configure script (in keeping with the recommended R package 
approach) that checks if -lCrun is needed.   With configure in the 
direxctory of the package, it works fine.  Hopefully this can be 
incorporated into the distribution, as I think it would affect anyone 
not using gcc on
Solaris.  Not sure if the mailing list strips off small text 
attachments, but the configure.in and src/Makevars.in for autoconf are 
attached.  I can
send them directly to the relevant party if they e-mail me.


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