[Bioc-devel] FCS3.0 DiVa files?

Byron Ellis ellis at stat.harvard.edu
Tue Sep 5 19:33:44 CEST 2006

The latest readFCS unfortunately doesn't produce sensible results
except for the first parameter (generally forward scatter), the other
parameters have weird sorts of systematic errors that almost look like
alignment problems. At least two other people in my lab here have Java
importers for these sorts of files that I'm considering to be
"correct" and working from there.

On 9/4/06, Florian Hahne <f.hahne at dkfz-heidelberg.de> wrote:
> Hi Byron,
> As far as I know these files don't seem to adhere to the specifications
> in the FCS 3.0 format. I had one example file which I read in using a
> number of different software tools and almost all of them produced
> different results.
> readFCS could read the file without errors and the plots of the data
> looked ok. The only problem is that the absolute values are not the same
> for the different software, but the measurement relations are the same,
> i.e. the data is on different scales. And since I don't know what the
> correct values are (and are there "correct" values at all? In the end
> these are just arbitrary dimensionless numbers that somehow reflect the
> fluorescence intensities...) I didn't know how to proceed.
> Please feel free to take a stab at the import if you think that is a
> problem or send me one or two of your files along with some info about
> the expected range so I can give it another try.
> Cheers,
> Florian
> Byron Ellis schrieb:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I remember a couple of months ago there was a brief discussion about
> > FCS3.0 files, in particular DiVA files recorded in floating point. Was
> > there ever any progress made on reading those in? I took a look
> > through the logs, but I may have missed something. I suddenly find
> > myself working with an LSR2 using DiVa that generates a lot of these
> > files. :-)
> >
> > If not, I'll take a stab at it since I need to read these files sooner
> > rather than later.
> >
> >
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