[Bioc-devel] stale link to reposTools in BioC FAQ?

Herve Pages hpages at fhcrc.org
Thu Nov 9 01:02:38 CET 2006

Hi Steven,

Steven McKinney wrote:
> Hi Herve,
> It seems quite a few things in the documented
> method for updating packages have changed, so
> there are several stale/outdated links and 
> info items in the FAQ and elsewhere in the
> BioC web site.

Can you please provide the URLs?

> I just ran an update using
> update.packages(ask = FALSE) ## CRAN updates
> update.packages(repos = getOption("BioC.Repos"), ask = FALSE) ## BioC updates

Where did you get this code from? Did it work for you?
On my system it doesn't:
> getOption("BioC.Repos")

If you are using R >= 2.3.0, you can try this instead:
> library(Biobase)
> update.packages(rep=biocReposList(), ask = FALSE)



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