[Bioc-devel] how to create my own repository of mac os x binaries?

Paul Shannon pshannon at systemsbiology.org
Mon May 15 17:13:31 CEST 2006

My still-in-development bioc package, gaggle, needs a slew
of bioc packages to run:  Ruuid,  graph, rJava at a minimum,
GO, GOstats, RBGL, annotate, xtable, multtest to do more
interesting work.

I wish to build binaries for my mac users, and put them
in a local repository -- at least until the bioc 1.8 mac
binaries are available.

I made a few naive attempts to create such a repository.
In my last attempt,

    1) I built the binaries on a mac
    2) moved them to <package-base>/bin/macosx/powerpc/contrib/2.3/
    3) rebuilt the repository (using repos tools).

This didn't work:  install.packages could find source
packages in this repository, but not the binaries.

Can anyone help me out of my muddle here?  Perhaps point
me towards some instructions explaining the directory
structures and techniques used to provide binary packages
in a repository?


  - Paul

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