[Bioc-devel] adapting 'biocinstall' to my institute's needs

Paul Shannon pshannon at systemsbiology.org
Wed May 3 15:24:27 CEST 2006

I hope this email is not misplaced.  I searched the archives and did not
find the information I am looking for.

I have a number of R-shy users.  One big hurdle they face is installing
packages.  'getBioC' and 'biocLite'  seem like just the right approach.

I want to emulate this approach by creating a local version of that  
function which
my users can easily source and execute.  They will then be able to  
load (or update)
all the R and bioc packages they need, along with local packages and  
code we write.

Examining the source for getBioC leads me to 'biocinstall' but -- sorry
if this is obvious, and I just missed it -- I can't find the source
of that function, to study, learn from, and adapt.

Could someone clue me in?  I welcome any comments on the overall plan
as well.


  - Paul

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