[Bioc-devel] texmf error on 7 packages on devel winXP build nodes

Seth Falcon sfalcon at fhcrc.org
Thu Aug 24 16:17:57 CEST 2006

Martin Morgan <mtmorgan at fhcrc.org> writes:
> To make things work, you can remove \usepackage{Sweave} from your
> vignette (but then you won't be able to build the vignette except by
> building the R package). Alternatively, you can configuring tex to
> find Sweave.sty. How to actually configure tex depends on your
> installation. On Windows using MiKTeX there's a graphical interface to
> set MiKTeX options. You can add a 'Root' path to point to the file
> system location where R has a copy of Sweave.sty (R_HOME\share\texmf)
> and then 'Refresh' the file name data base. On linux the strategy is
> usually to define an environment variable TEXINPUTS to include the
> path.

The preferred fix, IMO, is to remove the \usepackage{Sweave} line from
the vignettes.  Why?

Well, if we let R find/set the path to Sweave.sty, we will always get
the latest version of it and do not have to change any additional
configuration on the build systems when we upgrade R.

For example, on lemming, are we sure that we are getting the "right"
Sweave.sty?  Granted, the style file does not change often, but I'm
concerned about it because Robert and I have recently discussed some
additions to it.

OTOH, perhaps Herve will have a clever way to automate/trick the
configuration such that we always get the right Sweave.sty when R is

Perhaps folks with packages using this can speak up with they really
find it advantageous.

> Thanks for helping to identify why these vignettes are not building on
> walpole & matrix.

Indeed, and thanks Martin for the details :-)

+ seth

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