[Bioc-devel] R 2.2.0 patched for BioC 1.7 (Windows)?

Anand C.Patel acpatel at usa.net
Tue Oct 11 18:29:58 CEST 2005

Dear Bioconductor Developers:

In looking at the plans for 1.7, and in considering issues that have cropped
up here and there over time regarding the dismal memory management in Windows,
I was wondering if it might not be beneficial to recommend those of us stuck
with windows use the patched version of R 2.2.0 rather than the "stable" --
the current patch changes are below, and reflect largely really helpful
adjustments in stack size and address space.  Seems like it would help with
platform parity and decrease the number of technical problems folks would have
with memory.

Just a thought.

Anand C. Patel
Washington University St. Louis
acpatel at usa.net

R 2.2.0 patched

Using the latest binutils allows us to distribute RGui.exe and Rterm.exe
as large-address-aware (see the rw-FAQ Q2.9).

The maximum C stack size for RGui.exe and Rterm.exe has been increased
to 10Mb (from 2Mb); this is comparable with the default on Linux systems
and may allow some larger programs to run without crashes.

Overwrite mode in the console works for MBCS charsets. (Patch
contributed by Haruki Koyanagi <koyanagi at com-one.com>.)

R CMD REMOVE in 2.2.0 removed the package(s) but failed to remake the

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