[Bioc-devel] Error in texi2dvi when processing Sweave .tex file

Peter G. Warren peter.warren at verizon.net
Sun Oct 2 16:00:48 CEST 2005

Hi, Seth, 

Thank you. I downloaded and installed the latest developer beta version of
R, 2.2.0 Beta (and you're right, I needed to do that anyway; that was next
on my list, after verifying that my package works under the latest patched
released version). However, working within 2.2.0 Beta did not fix anything:
I still get the same error messages. 

I also tried the MiKTeX modifications for R from the R-tools page link:
specifically, putting MiKTeX's texinfo package into e-TeX Compatibility
mode. Again, no change in results. 

I will now move this to R-devel, as you suggest. Thanks again!

= Peter

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Hi Peter,

On  1 Oct 2005, peter.warren at verizon.net wrote:
> I am trying to create a Bioconductor package. Everything installs and 
> checks fine. Now I'm on my last step, which is to create a vignette. 
> I'm trying to test the Sweave process, to make sure I can build a 
> vignette. I am stuck at the texi2dvi stage, which fails when I try to 
> process the example Sweave-test-1.tex file.

Getting a working development setup for R on Windows can be a real

> I am running the latest patched version of R (2.1.1) on Windows XP.

I believe some improvements were made in the about-to-be-released version of
R (2.2.0) that make it work more seamlessly with a MiKTeX install.

If you are preparing a package for contribution to Bioconductor, you will
need to be working with this version of R anyhow.

Also, R-devel may be a better forum for further questions regarding
configuration of a working Windows devel setup.  That's were the experts
are, anyhow :-)

+ seth

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