[Bioc-devel] widgettools download problem w/ getBioC

Seth Falcon sfalcon at fhcrc.org
Thu May 19 03:03:30 CEST 2005

Cyrus Harmon <cyrus at bobobeach.com> writes:

> Is it reasonable to point a 2.2 installation at the 2.1 repository
> or is that just crazy?

It isn't crazy, but we make no claims that it will work.

>> That depends on how you installed it initially.  I like to install
>> into a separate package library directory.  Then I can nuke that to
>> uninstall.
> I suppose most of the folks on bioc-dev probably know what this means  
> and how to do this, but can you suggest how to do this?

On unix-a-likes:


  mkdir bioc1.6
  export R_LIBS=`pwd`/bioc1.6
  ## you could have other items in your R_LIBS path if you want


  mypkglib = "/path/to/bioc1.6"
  ## if it is first in R_LIBS, you can get it like this:
  ## mypkglib = .libPaths()[1]

+ seth

PS: getBioC.R is now a new and improved script that detects your R
version and sources an appropriate install script.

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