[Bioc-devel] on the future of the searchable mail archives

Istvan Albert istvan.albert at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 15:53:26 CEST 2005

Dear developers,

The searchable mail archives have been around for a year and a half now. 


The site turned out to be a lot more popular than I anticipated, 
typically it gets around 15 thousand searches per month. Of course
these measures are very inaccurate but even third of that would be
more than what I originally expected.

For more logs see: http://protsuggest.org/logs/ (no other active
service is currenlty hosted on this server)

I have no problem with doing it in the foreseeble future since I've
already set it up in a way that it takes very little effort about 15
minutes a month ... even though  I currently do not need to use BioC
in my research.

But you might want to think about  establishing a more official and
better integrated search mechanism for  the BioC site and archives.



Istvan Albert,
Research Associate,
Bioinformatics Consulting Center,
Huck Institute for Life Sciences,
Pennsylvania State University

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