[Bioc-devel] Added a "timeout" feature to our build system

Herve Pages hpages at fhcrc.org
Mon Dec 12 23:52:47 CET 2005


Sometimes, a "R CMD check" on a package takes too long
to terminate or get stalled forever...
Recently we had the following issue with our build system:
after successfully checking some packages, it got frozen
because "R CMD check" on a particular package was not
To fix this problem we implemented the following feature:
after 40 minutes, the "R CMD check" subprocess started by
the build system is killed. Then a "TIMEOUT" glyph is used on
the build/check report page.


Another minor change on the report is the use of the "ERROR"
glyph only where we used to have 2 glyphs: "FAILED" and "ERROR".
The "FAILED" glyph was used when a "R CMD build"
or "R CMD INSTALL --build" command was returning an error.
The "ERROR" glyph was used when "R CMD check" was returning an
error. Now "ERROR" is used when any of the above 3 commands
returns an error. The original purpose of the "FAILED" glyph was
to emphasize the fact that the source or binary package resulting
from the command was missing. But people prefer it the way it was
before, I can still restore it.



Hervé Pagès
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