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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to present all examples from the text book?
No, you may choose your examples as it best suits your presentation, i.e. respecting your time slot, fitting your thread, etc.
If we make a presentation together how many handouts do we have to supply? And how many pages?
You need to supply only one handout. In the guidelines it says 1-2 A4 pages. If there are more than one presenter and the subject is larger then it might be reasonable to use more pages - your assistant can give you advice on this.
Do I have to lead the discussion at the end of my presentation?
Typically, the host will open the discussion by asking for questions after you have finished your presentation. There will always be questions coming - so prepare to answer them.
What if somebody asks something which is not covered by the chapter I had to present (and was not covered before)?
The professor and the assistants are always present and will intercept and answer such questions. Anyhow, if the answer could be extrapolated from the subject of your presentation do not expect us to help too early.
Do I have to write everything in Latex?
No, it is up to you whether you want to use Latex or Word for your handout and Latex or Powerpoint for your presentation. We recommend to use Latex for the handouts due to its automated syntax and the well-implemented formulae - also, this is a good chance to get acquainted with Latex for later use (bachelor's or master's thesis). For your presentation we recommend to use Powerpoint/Impress since it is easier to use with graphics and reduces the chance of overcrowded slides.
Do I need to bring my own laptop to present my slides?
No, we will provide all equipment (i.e. laptop, laser pointer, OHP). But be advised; it is always a good idea to have your presentation ready on your USB stick.
How do I get started with Latex?
We provide a template covering the main contents of Latex, e.g. different lists, including graphics, environments, etc. Note that this template is intended for a master's thesis. Therefore, it will be necessary to remove a lot of its content before you can start with your handout.
Do I have to bring enough copies of my handout to the class? How many copies are needed?
No, we will take care of the copies such that there are enough and you are freed of copy charges.
Will my slides and my handout be published somewhere?
Yes, all slides and the handouts will be published on the website prior to the corresponding presentations.
Do I have to follow exactly the order of the book?
No, you can change the order as you wish if you think that this will make a better presentation.

More questions?

You can always ask the assistants Manuel and Marco.


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