plot.factor {graphics}R Documentation

Plotting Factor Variables


This functions implements a scatterplot method for factor arguments of the generic plot function.

If y is missing barplot is produced. For numeric y a boxplot is used, and for a factor y a spineplot is shown. For any other type of y the next plot method is called, normally plot.default.


## S3 method for class 'factor'
plot(x, y, legend.text = NULL, ...)


x, y

numeric or factor. y may be missing.


character vector for annotation of y axis in the case of a factor y: defaults to levels(y). This sets the yaxlabels argument of spineplot.


Further arguments to barplot, boxplot, spineplot or plot as appropriate. All of these accept graphical parameters (see par) and annotation arguments passed to title and axes = FALSE. None accept type.

See Also

plot.default, plot.formula, barplot, boxplot, spineplot.



plot(weight ~ group, data = PlantGrowth)           # numeric vector ~ factor
plot(cut(weight, 2) ~ group, data = PlantGrowth)   # factor ~ factor
## passing "..." to spineplot() eventually:
plot(cut(weight, 3) ~ group, data = PlantGrowth,
     col = hcl(c(0, 120, 240), 50, 70))

plot(PlantGrowth$group, axes = FALSE, main = "no axes")  # extremely silly

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