Errata in "Log-normal Distributions across the Sciences: Keys and Clues"

by Eckhard Limpert and Werner Stahel, Bioscience 51, 341-352
p.343, right, l.-8 and p.344, right, l.20:
skewed to the right    instead of    skewed to the left
(In fact, the terms left and right skewed are not used uniformly in the same way. A tower is skewed to the left if its upper end leans to the left, and this use of the words contradicts their usual use in statistics. A clearly defined term is "positively skewed" for such distributions.)
p.344, Fig.3.(b)
The μ and σ used here are scaled versions of the usual μ and σ used throughout the paper, since logs to base 10 are used. The usual parameters are larger than these, by a factor log(10) = 2.3.
p.345, l.5 of the box:
mean ... exp(μ+σ2/2)    instead of    mean ... exp(μ+σ/2)
General problem for the pdf version:
μ    is often represented as   
(this problem does not appear in the printed jounal issue)