[R-wiki] Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced indicator

Philippe Grosjean phgrosjean at sciviews.org
Fri Jan 27 13:18:33 CET 2006

Yes, I think also that the stars is too much related with the rating of 
the page in term of quality (because it is widely used that way in many 
web sites).

Regarding the bar, that was my first trial: a bar with a third being 
green, another third being orange and the last third being red for the 
three levels. To switch off a part of it, I draw it in gray. However, 
the result was graphically very poor, and it was even less explicit than 
the little user icons currently proposed.

Otherwise, it is certain that putting "Difficulty:" in front of the 
icons would be more explicit, as well as a key in the start page. I try 
this... There is now an explanation in the start page + a "Difficulty:" 
added to 
I find the later one rather ennoying (the purpose of the icons is to 
spot the skill level visually very rapidly,.. so users *have* to 
understand their meaning anyway, and then, it is clear for them that it 
relates to the "difficulty" of the page...).

For the three levels, I don't think it is too detailled if you define 
them like that:

- beginner is really, really basic stuff (something that looks like 
trivial and uninteresting for people that use R for a little time... 
except if "intermediate" is also "ON").

- intermediate is dedicated to most R users.

- advanced is reserved for expert tricks, that is something 95% of R 
users don't need at all for doing they job.

With this definition of "beginner" - "intermediate" - "advanced", I 
think it is more evident why this level of details is useful.

Perhaps the terms are not adequate.
- I like "beginner" because it clearly state that the stuff there is not 
of much interest for someone who already played a little bit with R.

- "intermediate" is definitely not a good term for "usual users" [Erk! 
Do usual users use to use R usually? ;-)] ... but I don't find a better one.

- "advanced" could perhaps be replaced by "expert" to insist that it 
really relate to something very, very difficult ?


Philippe Grosjean

Gavin Simpson wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-01-27 at 21:47 +1100, paul sorenson wrote:
>>What about a star rating 1-5?
> I was thinking the same thing, but then I thought that stars convey some
> measure of quality, which is not what is intended.
> My main concern with the current icon is that there is no context, it is
> not immediately apparent what it refers to without resorting to the
> syntax page.
> This definitely needs a title or prefix text, something like
> "Difficulty". 
> How about a simple bar with three or more levels of difficulty indicated
> by the length of the bar?
> Do we also need the fine-grained options of marking a page as
> intermediate/advanced but not for beginners? Should such pages be marked
> advanced (or intermediate) difficulty and not worry about trying to
> exclude (wrong word) beginners?
> G
>>Philippe Grosjean wrote:
>>>Although the R Wiki site would primarily be dedicated to beginners, 
>>>there is already, and there will be in the future several pages dealing 
>>>with more advanced topics.
>>>In order to spot this, I propose little icons easy to integrate in the 
>>>pages (for instance :--+: means something dedicated exclusively to 
>>>experts, see: "Smileys & other icons in 
>>>You can see examples of using these indicators at:
>>>for instance.
>>>What do you think about it? Personnally, I found them nice when I did 
>>>draw the icons, but they look a little "toyish" once integrated in the 
>>>Wiki pages. Does someone have a better idea to help spotting items 
>>>related to each user's skill?
>>>Philippe Grosjean
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