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Tim Appelhans tim.appelhans at gmail.com
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Hello Dagfinn,
I am teaching R for porgramming purposes to Geography bachelor students. 
In our course we use Norman Matloff's 'The art of R programming'.
Both myself and the students (as far as I know) rate it very highly as 
it really is an easy read and best of all, it does not confuse the not 
so statistically inclined as it really focusses on software design 
rather than statistical scripting.

Hope that helps,


On 15/3/2012 14:13, Dagfinn Rime wrote:
> Dear all,
> I'm new to R and need to learn how to program R, and would appreciate
> suggestions for e.g. two books in order to get going.
> What type of books? Well, if I were to suggest books for a newcomer to
> LaTeX I would say that "all" you need is Lamport's book and "The LaTeX
> Companion" (2nd ed). Is there something similar for R? A not-too long
> introductory book and one more comprehensive "reference"-like book?
> My level?
> * Statistics? I have a PhD in finance and know "applied statistics/econometrics"
> * Programming? I currently do all my analysis via programming
> ("scripting") in SAS or Eviews.
> The R-project page mention 115 books? I made notice of the following:
> 1. Paul Teetor. R Cookbook. O'Reilly, first edition, 2011
> 2. Rob Kabacoff. R in Action. Manning, 2010.
> 3. David Ruppert. Statistics and Data Analysis for Financial
> Engineering. Use R! Springer, 2010
> 4. Alain F. Zuur, Elena N. Ieno, and Erik Meesters. A Beginner's Guide
> to R. Use R. Springer, 2009
> > From Amazon the following caught my attention:
> 1. R in a Nutshell (In a Nutshell (O'Reilly))
> 2. The R Book by Michael J. Crawley
> I have probably missed some (many), and there are probably lots of
> different views. But I would appreciate any guidance and views.
> Thanks in advance,
> Dagfinn Rime
> Research department, Norges Bank
> www.norges-bank.no/research/rime/
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