[R-sig-teaching] multinomial logit models (fwd)

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Wed Sep 19 17:04:55 CEST 2007

Dunno but this list is for people using R to teach INTRODUCTORY
statistics courses.  There are other lists more appropraite for a
question at this level.

(Sorry for a second irrelevant message to the list.  I tried
unsuccessfully to respond privately.)  

Forwarded message:
> Dear R community,
> Is anybody aware of how to do diagnostics for multinomial logit models?
> In the binomial case (for GLM's), I have already used the functions 
> provided by J. Fox in his car package.
> I estimate my model with multinom (nnet).
> Now I would like to do an analysis of the residuals, influence measures, 
> nonlinearity and collinearity among the predictors.
> How is generally controlled for the results in MNL using R?
> Thank you very much in advance
> Best regards,
> Robert Glass
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