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Wed Jul 28 00:12:04 CEST 2010

  All R Users:

R User Groups (RUG) has proved a valuable resource for R users from the 
beginner to the very expert in learning, sharing knowledge and 
experience, or just having fun with others alike. Usually this is 
achieved via RUG meetings which provide a venue for both formal talks 
(lectures) and networking opportunities.

To make these benefits available to as many R users as possible, this 
list provides help for those interested in organizing a R users group. 
If there is no R Users Group in your local area, why not start one? This 
list is primarily for you, you can ask tips here from those who have 
already started and are organizing one.

This list also aims to promote collaboration between existing R user 
groups. We invite all RUG organizers to participate in the discussions 
on how to develop your group and how to collaborate with other groups in 
order to better serve the R community.

For a start, here is the video of the very recent panel discussion on 
the benefits of R Users Groups and how to start one in your local area:

A list of existing RUGs can be found here:
Please help us to make this list more complete/accurate.

The first fruits of the collaboration between RUGs (the video recording 
of some of the talks at their meetings) can be found here:
We'll add soon the videos of the invited talks at useR 2010 conference!

Best regards,
Szilard Pafka
Co-Organizer, Los Angeles area R Users Group

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