[RsR] Citation of robust::lmRob?

Kjell Konis kjell.konis at epfl.ch
Thu Oct 2 12:04:07 CEST 2008

You can use citation("robust") to cite the package ‘robust’ in  

As for the description, you can probably find what you need in the  
'Overview of the Method' and 'Theoretical Details' sections of chapter  
2 in Robust.pdf. I'll send you a copy in a separate email (it's also  
available on R-Forge).

On 2 oct. 08, at 07:22, Ajay Shah wrote:

> As advised by the gurus of this mailing list, I have been using
> lmRob() in many situations. When writing a paper which reports results
> using lmRob, I have two problems. First, I need to concretely describe
> the method that is being used. Can someone provide a few paragraphs of
> explanation of what is done? And, what should I be citing? It seems
> that a great deal of effort has gone into building lmRob() and that
> merits a citation rather than citing the materials mentioned in  
> help(lmRob).
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