[R-sig-phylo] ape's web site

Emmanuel Paradis Emmanuel.Paradis at ird.fr
Wed May 2 13:40:50 CEST 2012

Hi all,

ape.mpl.ird.fr has been refreshed. Besides the new look, two things 
worth noting:

There is a column section entitled "EVENTS" on the welcome page: it is 
intended to give information on forthcoming meetings, workshops, 
courses, seminars, ... If you organize such an event or would like to 
let others know about it, just tell me.

The page on APER has been updated with supplementary materials for the 
second edition: you can get the data files used in the book and the R 
scripts of the case studies. There are some additional coloured figures 
and some animations made from the figures plotted with rgl.


Emmanuel Paradis
IRD, Jakarta, Indonesia

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