[R-sig-phylo] Collapsing nodes using node.labels

Emmanuel Paradis emmanuel.paradis at ird.fr
Wed Sep 28 16:10:55 CEST 2011

Hello Daniel,

Try this small manipulation ('tr' is your tree and 'node' stores the label of the node): 

i <- which(tr$node.label == node)
j <- which(tr$edge[, 2] == i + Ntip(tr))
tr$edge.length[j] <- 0

Then di2multi(tr) will do the job. (Hopefully, there's originally no zero-length branch in tr.)


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Subject: [R-sig-phylo] Collapsing nodes using node.labels

 Hello all,

I am trying to collapse some nodes in a tree but using node.label and
not  edge.length, is there a way to convert  node.label to
edge.length? or a function to collapse a node but using node.label


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