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Liam J. Revell liam.revell at umb.edu
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Hi David.

As presently implemented in phylosig(...,method="lambda",test=TRUE), the function tests the null hypothesis that lambda=0. That means that a P-value near zero means that the estimated lambda is highly significantly different from zero. I have not yet implemented the test of lambda=1.0 (which could be interpreted as a test for departure from BM). This can be done by using fitContinuous(...,model="lambda") and fitContinuous(...,model="BM"), and then comparing the likelihoods.

I hope this is helpful. Liam 

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Hi Liam

I'm working already with phytools really interesting.
When using phylosig function with lambda always I get a P=0 like in you example, that means no different to a brownian model?


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