[R-sig-phylo] Rotating a fan tree

Liam J. Revell liam.revell at umb.edu
Fri Dec 2 17:12:22 CET 2011

Hi Alison,

Since the "fan" or radial style tree is just a phylogram bent into a 
circle, if you rotate all the nodes of the tree you will rotate all the 
tips at the top of the radial tree to the bottom (and vice versa).  For 

for(i in 1:tr2$Nnode) tr2<-rotate(tr2,i+length(tr2$tip))

I'm not sure if this will be any help at all, though.  The same 
principle applies with radial.phylog in the ade4 package:


Hopefully someone else has a better idea.  - Liam

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On 12/1/2011 11:45 PM, Alison R. Davis Rabosky wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I was wondering if anyone knows of an easy way to rotate a fan or radial tree - due to the default orientation of the tip labels (with changes in orientation at the top and bottom of the figure such that text on both the right and left is always pleasantly aligned to the reader), post-hoc rotating in Illustrator will yield a fair amount of upside-down text.  Any suggestions?
> Thanks so much,
> Alison
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