[R-sig-phylo] Interpreting rate.evol.mcmc output

Roland Sookias r.sookias at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 17:07:07 CEST 2011


Can anyone help me interpret the output from phytools' rate.evol.mcmc
function? I get, as it says I should, "results from the MCMC run" and
a "tips list of stips in state sig(1)^2 for each sampled generation of
MCMC (to polarize the rate shift).", but I'm not sure what I'm looking
for practically to see if/when there have been rate shifts.

The mcmc list is like this:

2     200 0.004979113 0.002156864 1.889112  131  3.6386714  -38.68685
3     300 0.008243820 0.006182640 1.964227   97 19.7978315  -36.52512

And the tips like this:

[1] "Effigia_okeeffeae"



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