[R-sig-phylo] Fitzpatrick and Turelli 2006 - phylogenetic signal in range overlap

Gustavo A. Bravo gbravo1 at tigers.lsu.edu
Thu Apr 7 18:03:27 CEST 2011

Hello everyone,

By any chance, has anybody tried putting together an R code to perform 
the analyses of range overlap in a phylogenetic context proposed by 
Fitzpatrick and Turelli 2006? It is a nice way to incorporate 
measurements of pair-wise similarity into a phylogenetic context. Warren 
et al, 2008 have used it specifically to analyse phylogenetic patterns 
of niche overlap as a function of divergence time.

I would be very interesting to find out more details about such code. 
Also, details about any other approach out there would be highly 

Thanks a lot in advance.

Gustavo Bravo
LSU Museum of Natural Science

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