[R-sig-phylo] Multistate characters

Emmanuel Paradis Emmanuel.Paradis at ird.fr
Wed Sep 22 14:24:04 CEST 2010

Hi Alejandro,

Alejandro López wrote on 22/09/2010 13:03:
> Hello all,
> I am working with a matrix that includes characters with multiple states 
> in each taxon. I want to know if R can work with this kind of data or 
> how could I code them to perform a analysis with R.

Yes, R can work with this kind of data, and if you want to recode them, 
you can do it with R too. Depending on the analyses you want to do, 
there's a wide range of tools in several packages: ape, geiger, 
phangorn, ouch as mentioned by Aaron, and diversitree (not yet on CRAN). 
  Some of them will require a phylogeny of your taxa, others not (eg, 
phangorn). My guess is that you are fairly new to R packages, so take 
your time to learn progressively. Also reading vignettes in packages or 
basic materials available on Internet might be a good idea.



> Thank you in advance,
> Alejandro López
> Universidad de Murcia
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