[R-sig-phylo] archiving the mailing list

Hilmar Lapp hlapp at duke.edu
Tue Apr 15 23:27:40 CEST 2008

Hi all -

you may have wondered whether you'll be able to dig up any of these  
educational exchanges in the future.

You may have noticed the URL at the bottom of this and any other  
email coming through on this list. You can get to the mailing list  
archive from that page, and the archive is public. However, it's  
search capabilities are nearly non-existent.

There are, however, several email archiving services (Gmane, Nabble,  
Mail Archive, to name a few). I assume that no-one has an issue with  
me subscribing this list to one of those services, but if you do  
please let me know. They all do reasonable concealment or even  
encryption of email addresses, so personally I think exposure to spam  
robots need not be a concern (especially since the raw archive is  
public already).

: Hilmar Lapp  -:-  Durham, NC  -:- hlapp at duke dot edu :

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