[R-sig-ME] I need help with a GLMM

Rodrigo Cabrera da Silva rodr|gojur@m|d@m @end|ng |rom hotm@||@com
Sat Jul 9 04:29:34 CEST 2022

Hello, dear. How are you. There is long since I have been trying to solve a doubt about diference between nested and crossed random effects within my study. So I am here to ask and seek for some information. I analysed in a study whether built-up areas density and open waters features quantity variation influence on breeding spot�s density of A. aegypti in municipality of Campo Grande urban area. I have applied Generalized Linear Mixed Models to test this effect from explanatory variables (NDBI and MNDWI) on features density of A. aegypti.
At the same time I have sorted neighborhoods and months/year as the random factors, and in this context we can always find the same set of Campo Grande's neighborhoods from where data were collected along different months and years (although inside a few years, or more often, a few months are found repetead).
So, according to this experimental design, I need to know, how can I sort these randon effects?

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