[R-sig-ME] glmmTMB: profile confidence interval scale

Aaron Renggli rengg||@ @end|ng |rom ethz@ch
Wed Jun 22 12:38:41 CEST 2022

I have an issue using profiled confidence intervals in a random slope

The helpfile for confint.glmmTMB regarding the different methods to compute
confidence intervals says:
" [...] while "profile" and "uniroot" report them on the underlying
("theta") scale: for each random effect, the first set of parameter values
are standard deviations on the log scale, while remaining parameters
represent correlations on the scaled Cholesky scale (see the"
It just cuts off there.
I don't understand what is meant by the scaled Cholesky scale for the
correlation parameters. How would I transform the respective confidence
interval back to the original scale?

Thank you for your help

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