[R-sig-ME] Error using MCMCglmm

Ben Bolker bbo|ker @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Mon Dec 27 20:18:28 CET 2021

   Good point. If that doesn't work, though, we're going to hit the 
rapidly-diminishing-returns part of the remote-debugging cycle. Can you 
post a reproducible example (possibly with data posted elsewhere as the 
list doesn't support large messages or attachments, possibly 
fuzzed/anonymized if you're worried about data confidentiality)?

   Ben Bolker

On 12/27/21 2:13 PM, Walid Crampton-Mawass wrote:
> Hey Kamal,
> one possible solution is to run the same code in a new session where you
> only call the MCMCglmm package and input your data and phylogenetic
> pedigree as dataframes. That way you can figure out if there were any
> conflicts in the attached packages in your session.
> Cheers

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