[R-sig-ME] Advice for the R-package of lme4

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Fri Aug 27 03:46:04 CEST 2021

   Honestly, I don't really know what other change in your configuration 
could have led to the difference.  It would be more likely to be 
something else about your system - e.g. OS update with accompanying 
changes to the linear algebra libraries, etc..  It's almost impossible 
to diagnose these problems if they're not reproducible.

    Ben Bolker

On 8/26/21 8:35 PM, ia08007 wrote:
> Dear Dr. Bolker
> I appreciate your kind help.
> I can identify the version of packages at that time.
> lme4 was 1.1-23 and lmerTest was 3.1-2.
> For reference, are there any other packages that might affect the results?
> I have tried, but it seems that other packages would affect them.
> Very sorry to bother you while you are busy, but I appreciate your 
> cooperation.
> 2021年8月27日(金) 6:58 Ben Bolker <bbolker using gmail.com 
> <mailto:bbolker using gmail.com>>:
>         [Please keep r-sig-mixed-models using r-project.org
>     <mailto:r-sig-mixed-models using r-project.org> in the Cc: list!]
>         The warning message is *probably* irrelevant; to make it go away
>     you
>     would need to install the Matrix package from source on your machine
>     (the binary packages on CRAN are built with the latest R version of a
>     particular release series).
>         A preliminary investigation on my side had the same general
>     conclusions (fitting with 1.1-23 and 1.1-26 gave identical answers).
>     I'm
>     afraid that if you have tried with both versions of the package and
>     can't replicate your former results exactly then, logically, *the
>     lme4/lmerTest package versions cannot be the source of the problem*;
>     some other aspect of your setup must have changed. Numerical
>     computations are, unfortunately, subject to a great deal of
>     (small-scale) instability due to changes in underlying linear algebra
>     packages, compilers, etc..
>        I'm not sure what else we can do to help.
>         sincerely
>          Ben Bolker

Dr. Benjamin Bolker
Professor, Mathematics & Statistics and Biology, McMaster University
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