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I regret that I am not able to answer your questions at this time.  It has been a couple of decades since I worked on the nlme package and I have not kept up with the literature.


I suggest that you send your questions to the R-SIG-Mixed-Models using R-project.org <mailto:R-SIG-Mixed-Models using R-project.org>  mailing list.  Some information about the list is available at https://stat.ethz.ch/mailman/listinfo/r-sig-mixed-models


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Dear Mr Bates and Pinhero

Tks for your incredible packages in R I did my master in statistics (attached). I’m a big fan!

However I’m puzzled with several theoretical questions on some topic where I’m struggling; instead of luring for stat input I asks directly WIZARDS!:

Variograms (Cressie):P 52 PDF

I have done several variograms on my model residuals expecting flat line along (sill flat).However some patient are at sill some on the correlation path-slope.

Q:How to interpret? (Two class of patient with biophysical discerpancies?

Q:The smoother fitted in graph is the theoretical one (Theoretical variogram based on exp?spherical?)?? Or is it a simple smoother.

Q: Is it possible with variogram (within (patient and sampling error) cor + between from LMM variance) to forecast the best time for re-measure?
I.e in cholesterol study some authors demonstrated when intra- variability exceed between variability? So measuring on too short intervals has no value.But I don’t know how to proceed

Or do you had a good reference.?


Fiiting confindance bands on XB+ZU:


Q.I try to get con band for predictings patients trajectories. As they is no close form (at least very complex) is the better way to bootstrap some model and fit a bootstrap confint on the 1000 Fitted values? Or do you have a smplier function?


Q:If I should predict when time  will be  reached for a patient his Upper reference limit how do I have to proceed? (back reversing formula?)
Page 54 :patients prediction

Tks for your help in an old retrained statistician


NB Your contribution to staworld is fabulous and inspired me in my daily work since  a year!



Veuillez recevoir mes sincères salutations , 



Mudry Jean-Marie

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