[R-sig-ME] Questions about lme4 package

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Tue Sep 29 21:47:04 CEST 2020

Hi Bingsong,
you may want to look at the glmmTMB package
(https://cran.r-project.org/package=glmmTMB), in a way a kind of successor
of the lme4 package, which provides different correlation structures, and
allows for many distributional families (Gaussian, binomial, poisson, ...),
including zero-inflated and hurdle models.

Does this help?


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Dear there,

Thank you for reading my email. My name is Bingsong Zhang, a third year PhD
student of Biostatistics at Georgetown University. 

I am doing my thesis on generalized mixed model, which may rely on lme4
package. I know from the documentation that current version lme4 is not
allow for specifying flexible correlation structure, so I am wondering if it
possible to specify some popular structures like those available in nlmn?
And how possible it is if I want to improve based on the current lme4?

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