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Poisson and Negative Binomial distributions are defined for counts of whole numbers.  Even if the original dependent variables were counts, by definition PCA creates continuous numeric variates.  Therefore, Poisson or Negative Binomial are not appropriate for variates from PCA.

I suggest that you shift this over to R-sig-ecology, and give background on your experimental or sampling design, and questions of interest.  At least for now, this is not a question about Mixed Effects, although once the design is specified, it may require a mixed effects analysis.

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I have performed a PCA analysis which highlighted two axes PC1 and PC2. I want to perform a GLMM analysis considering the PC1 axis as a dependent variable (variable to explain) with Poisson or negative binomial family, but it was not possible since the values of this axis are negative. In such a case what should I do?
I also need to perform glmmPQL to consider spatial autocorrelation. LME could be a solution (instead of GLMM)? If yes, how could I perform glmmPQL?
Thank you for your precious help.

Saâd Hanane, PhD
Service d'Ecologie, de Biodiversité et de Conservation des Sols Centre de Recherche Forestière Chariae Omar Ibn Al Khattab, BP 763, Rabat-Agdal/Maroc.

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