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Tue Jun 30 22:08:12 CEST 2020

I have performed a PCA analysis which highlighted two axes PC1 and PC2. I
want to perform a GLMM analysis considering the PC1 axis as a dependent
variable (variable to explain) with Poisson or negative binomial family,
but it was not possible since the values of this axis are negative. In such
a case what should I do?
I also need to perform glmmPQL to consider spatial autocorrelation. LME
could be a solution (instead of GLMM)? If yes, how could I perform glmmPQL?
Thank you for your precious help.

Saâd Hanane, PhD
Service d'Ecologie, de Biodiversité et de Conservation des Sols
Centre de Recherche Forestière
Chariae Omar Ibn Al Khattab, BP 763, Rabat-Agdal/Maroc.

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