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This is generally not advisable because the sampling distribution of the
variances is highly skewed. This means that the standard error isn't a
particularly informative statistic. 

This has been discussed in various amounts of detail in various places,
but a good starting point (with examples and links) is this question on
CrossValidated: https://stats.stackexchange.com/q/161225/26743

For a concrete recommendation, I would use either profile or bootstrap
confidence intervals instead of standard errors. You can compute these
with confint(model, method="profile") or confint(model, method="boot").
For more information, see:



On 24/6/20 2:30 pm, Azra Ramezankhani wrote:
>> Hi
>> How can we calculate standard errors for variance components of random
>> effects when fitting a mixed-effects model using the lme4 package?
>> Azra Ramezankhani
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