[R-sig-ME] compare a neighbourhood value with the city mean

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Fri May 22 20:39:50 CEST 2020

That is... mildly interesting, but off topic. Please read the Posting Guide for more on what this list is about. Consider looking at/asking in a statistics forum like Cross Validated until you know what analysis you want to apply to this data and then search the web on how to apply that with R and if that leaves you puzzled then come back and explain what trouble you are having getting R to do what you want it to.

On May 22, 2020 11:27:29 AM PDT, dani jones <orchidn using live.com> wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>I have a dataset with all neighbourhoods in a city and a value for each
>I am not sure how to test whether the value for each neighbourhood is
>statistically different from the city value.
>Thank you very much!
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