[R-sig-ME] Covariance structure used in lme

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Fri May 22 15:19:00 CEST 2020

I am running the following random slope, random intercept model:
#  Model 3
fitRSlope1 <- lme(distance~age+Sex+age*Sex, random=~1+age|Subject,data=Orthodont)

When I run the model, I get the following output

Random effects:
 Formula: ~1 + age | Subject
 Structure: General positive-definite, Log-Cholesky parametrization
            StdDev    Corr
(Intercept) 2.4055009 (Intr)
age         0.1803455 -0.668
Residual    1.3100396

Is the general positive-definite, Log-Cholesky parametrization a description of what one might call an unstructured variance-covariance matrix with as a particular paramaterization?

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