[R-sig-ME] Spatial structure in hurdle glmmTMB

KIRKLAND, MAIRE E. m@|re@k|rk|@nd @end|ng |rom durh@m@@c@uk
Wed Apr 22 15:48:48 CEST 2020

Hi all,

I am trying to use the glmmTMB package (version 1.1.0) to run a hurdle model that includes a spatial covariance structure. However, when I try to include spatial information in the zero-inflated part of the model I get an error. 

Here is a reproducible example with the error message that I receive: 


d <- data.frame(count = as.vector(Salamanders$count),
                mined = as.vector(Salamanders$mined),
                x = as.vector(row(Salamanders)),
                y = as.vector(col(Salamanders)))

d$pos <- numFactor(scale(d$x), scale(d$y))
d$ID <- factor(rep(1, nrow(d)))

m <- glmmTMB(count ~ mined + mat(pos + 0 | ID), 
                zi = ~., 
                family = truncated_poisson, data = d

"Error in Reduce(addForm0, list(...)) : object 'mined' not found” 

Is there a way of including a spatial structure in both parts of the hurdle model?

Any help would be much appreciated!


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