[R-sig-ME] Modifying the subject in replies

Jeff Newmiller jdnewm|| @end|ng |rom dcn@d@v|@@c@@u@
Thu Mar 26 19:19:27 CET 2020

While I also don't appreciate the "[FORGED]" modification, email clients which depend on the subject line to maintain threading are broken. Direct complaints to the email client maintainer(s) to support RFC822-4.6.2. The real pain is when other people use broken clients that don't support that 38-year- old standard.

On March 26, 2020 8:51:02 AM PDT, Douglas Bates <bates using stat.wisc.edu> wrote:
>There are several messages on the list now that have a subject line
>starting with
>[R-sig-ME] [FORGED]
>If your mail client is adding the `[FORGED]` to the subject line I
>appreciate it if you stopped its doing so. One of the first rules of
>interacting on a mailing list is "Don't change the subject line".  Most
>mail clients thread messages according to the subject line and by
>it you ensure that the conversation is spread over multiple threads
>of a single thread.  Changing the subject line to include alarming and
>incorrect characterizations of the message is first class bush league
>stuff.  (And, yes, "first class bush league" is a contradiction in
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