[R-sig-ME] [FORGED] warning error question

Rolf Turner r@turner @end|ng |rom @uck|@nd@@c@nz
Tue Mar 24 05:27:03 CET 2020

On 24/03/20 2:23 pm, Salvador SANCHEZ COLON wrote:

> Dear Profr. Bolker,
> Thanks so much for your intervention. In my view, what is really
> shameful is this sort of bullying, unnecesarily rude, offensive
> responses. If I would feel that it would be a waste of my precious
> time to respond to a silly, trivial or ill posed question, nobody
> obliges me to respond...but there is no need either for me to send
> out a rude, patronizing raprimend. What if the problem stems from our
> having to cope not only with a complex statistical issue, but also
> the foreign language barrier?
> With all due respect.

With all due respect, I think that any reasonable person would agree 
that *I* am the one getting bullied here.  At least I gave the OP some 
useful advice, which is more than I am getting from you.

I think it is shameful for you to bully me for insisting on a bit of 
clarity and a bit of consideration for those from whom help is requested.

What on earth does a language barrier have to do with writing glm() when 
glmer() is what is needed?  That's the *R* language, which we are all 
supposed to speak on this list!



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