[R-sig-ME] sample size in glmer model

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Thu Jan 23 11:15:02 CET 2020

Morning Ben,

I am not doing (item|Participant).
V1 is a duration (continuous) , I should have an interaction of Time of two
levels  :  score ~ V1*Time + (Time|Participant) + (Time|item) ,
This means I have 7 parameters including intercept (4 random effects +
intercept + V1 + TimeLevel1).
I have 1484 observations and 53 participants.  The rule is 10 per parameter.

My question: Is it 10 participants per parameter (i.e. I am allowed 5
parameters) or 10 observation per parameter (I am allowed 148 parameters!!!)
I guess it is likely per participant, and if its the case, then should I
still report results even the power is less (53 divided by 7 = I have 7.5
participants per parameter, not 10 as recommended)

Thats all
Thank you,

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