[R-sig-ME] testing OpenMP-enabled glmmTMB on various configurations

Ben Bolker bbo|ker @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Mon Jan 13 23:04:34 CET 2020

  Hi folks,

  We're trying to troubleshoot a version of glmmTMB that enables OpenMP
support, but we have a fairly limited set of test platforms and it would
be nice to know if many users are going to have installation difficulties.

  If you have development tools (and the 'remotes' package) installed
and a few free minutes, it would be great if you could try

remotes::install_github("glmmTMB/glmmTMB/glmmTMB using conditional_openmp")

and let us know if you have any trouble installing (it should install
whether or not you have OpenMP enabled ...)

If you're feeling energetic or distractible, you could try the tests here:


the expected result is you should see *either* warnings that OpenMP is
not enabled *or* at least some speed-up for the parallel version over
the serial version.

Results (especially problematic ones!) welcome at

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