[R-sig-ME] ggplot, loess function without 95%CI option

Slik, F.W.P. van der |@v@d@@||k @end|ng |rom |et@ru@n|
Fri Oct 11 12:06:50 CEST 2019

Hi listers,

In ggplot, the loess function is only available with SE. The 95%CI option (level=.95) is unavailable, unfortunately.
I think there is demand for such an option. Well, at least I would like to make use of it.
Several contributors to stackoverflow have expressed their need and some of them have tried to program a workaround for this issue:
Unfortunately, their workarounds have their shortcomings.

Has anyone a solution for the missing 95%CI option for loess in ggplot? It would be wonderful if the 95%CI band would look like the se band in the ggplot.
Thanks in advance.

Cheers, Frans van der Slik

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