[R-sig-ME] [R] linear mixed model required for the U.S. FDA

Helmut Schütz he|mut@@chuetz @end|ng |rom beb@c@@t
Mon Aug 19 14:41:16 CEST 2019

Dear Thierry,

Thierry Onkelinx wrote on 2019-08-19 14:13:
> Please do check all parameters. I recall that SAS and R use a 
> different style of dummy coding factor variable.

I’m not a SASian. Hence, I can’t tell. In R factors specified as 
characters are handled in lexical order and internally coded as integers 
starting with 1.

> If that is not the case, please write the full equation for the SAS 
> model. The language of mathematics is the best way to clearly describe 
> a model and thus to compare models.

Unfortunately the SAS code is all the FDA gives. I think everything is 
clear except the covariance structure given by FA0(2).
Table 56.13
Sorry, beyond me.

Best regards,

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