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Sat Aug 17 07:08:23 CEST 2019

Hi Ben.  Thanks for getting back to me on this.

On 17/08/19 1:43 PM, Ben Bolker wrote:
>    Hmmm. The proximal problem is that the updated deviance function
> thinks it needs coefficients for all of the parameters (theta = 3 +
> beta=12), not just the theta parameters.
>    It's not obvious to me (I know this might be code I wrote in the first
> place!) why you're trying to pass the full theta+beta coefficient vector
> to a model defined with nAGQ=0 (which estimates the beta coefficients as
> part of the penalized weighted resid sum of squares (pwrss)
> computation).  Can you explain/remind us of the reason for the mismatch
> here?

The short answer is, I haven't got a clue.  (Or perhaps, to put it 
differently, that I'm clueless. :-) )

Basically I have just been (mindlessly) following instructions from your 
very good self.  Initially (20 April 2019) you said:

>  Here is an **inefficient** method for computing the likelihood
>    coefs <- unlist(getME(fit,c("theta","beta"))
>    newdev <- update(fit, data=VS, devFunOnly=TRUE)
>    newdev(coefs)

I tried that, and it didn't work.  (Errors were thrown.) Then you 
updated the recipe (on 26 April 2019):

> coefs   <- unlist(getME(f.trn,"theta"))
> newdev  <- update(f.trn, data=VS, devFunOnly=TRUE,
>                   control=glmerControl(check.nobs.vs.nRE="ignore"))
> newdev(coefs)
having remarked that there were *two* issues.  (One issue involved the 
specification of "coefs", the other involved having to "override some 
checking that glmer does".)

In my implementation of the code to do a cross-check with the results 
from mixed_model() I neglected to take cognizance of the first issue. 
I.e. I left the assignment of "coefs" as:

> coefs <- unlist(getME(fit,c("theta","beta"))
whereas I should have changed it to

> coefs   <- unlist(getME(f.trn,"theta"))

i.e. leaving out the "beta" term.  Duhhhh!!!

Having corrected my error I find that the code now works as before.  Not 

Thank you for asking for an explanation of what I was doing, which 
prompted me to go back over the story with the result that I spotted the 
botch-up that I had made.

(It's very difficult to spot errors when you are flying intellectually 

Bottom line:  the harmony of the universe now seems to have been 
essentially restored. :-)

Thanks again.



P. S.  In case anyone is interested, the log likelihood of the 
"validation" data set that I get from mixed_model() in the example that 
I provided is -35.26048.

That from glmer() is -21.37535.

I guess that one can say that they are "in the same ball park".

Since I have no real understanding of the underlying intricacies, I have 
no idea what the implications of the difference between the two answers 
might be.

R. T.

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