[R-sig-ME] "General" (non-Bernoulli) binomial models in GLMMadaptive.

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On 5/08/19 12:28 AM, D. Rizopoulos wrote:

> In general, the more quadrature points you use the better the 
> approximation of the log-likelihood at the expense of computational 
> time. The order of the approximation is improved every two quadrature 
> points you add. Hence, you start at 1 (equivalent to Laplace 
> approximation), and you go 3, 5, etc.
> For more info check Section 5.3 of my course notes 
> (http://www.drizopoulos.com/courses/EMC/CE08.pdf), and also this thesis: 
> https://macsphere.mcmaster.ca/handle/11375/17272

That's clear and succinct!  Thanks very much.



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